Seibon Sponsored Time Attack Round 2 Results

May 22, 2008

Round 3- Results & Report

Seibon saw some of its Time Attack supplied cars featuring on the podium in the second even of the year , for further information on Seibons fine range of Carbon Fibre products please click here

All three Time Attack records for Knockhill were annihilated this weekend, further proof of how much the series is moving forward.

The weather caught virtually everyone off guard as the normal weather system for Knockhill must have been on holiday and a stand in sunshine system arrived in its place, no rain, at Knockhill? Yeah right!

There was a practice track session which some of the teams took advantage of on Saturday afternoon, some gained valuable knowledge, some gained problems, Paul Hughes in the Club Challenge N/A DC5 ‘threw a rod’ and the team hot footed back home to Preston work through the night to get the motor replaced and get back to the circuit, dedication!

Sunday morning bright and early the 38 club challenge drivers made it out into the sunshine onto a dry track to have their warm up sessions, a chance to make sure that no extra corners have been put into the track since the last time they visited or to get to know the track if its their first time.

The Pro class were out next and there had been a nightmare for many teams in the run up to this round with breakages and problems cutting the field down to 14 but 14 of the most hardcore dedicated bunch this side of cowboy country!

Practice sessions got underway and some blistering times started to appear immediately, The Club F/I record from 2007 ‘54.686’ held by George Orr now a Pro class driver looked like it would be within easy reach, the nearest Club driver in 07 was Kev Atkins running 58’s and Kev is no slouch but straight off the bat this year in practice 56’s were hit by 6 drivers with half the field in sub minute laps, Sam Kerr running a 56.004, Kev Atkins chewing his bumper with a 56.373, Martin Willox, a stand in driver for this round close behind with a 56.433.

(Atkins Club Challenge Car No. 1)

In N/A Craig Winstanley in the RX7 FD3s running a V8 motor was on magical form just a fraction behind the F/I drivers with a 56.607, behind him, Jeff Mileham posting a 58.129, Tim ‘prayin for rain’ Chandler chomping at the bit behind Jeff with a 59.350.

Pro Class saw Rory Butcher, Driver for Autosportif’s Impreza this weekend pull out a 53.295, in the same car last year Jimmy Mcrae managed a 54.316 but in slightly worse conditions, Jamie Stanley, RC Developments new hired gun was close behind with 53.883 closely followed by the owner driver Olly Clark in the Clark Impreza with a 53.930.

Zen seemed to regain some ground and looked to be back on form, Phil Glew absent from this round, his seat being kept warm by GT Driver Tom Ferrier, Tom taking 4th in practice in the Zen machine with a very respectable 54.736.

It was going to be close as a 3.353 second gap was the difference between 1st and 10th this year compared to over 10 seconds last year!


Qualifying came all too soon for some, others were well in the swing of it.

For the Club Super Battle Final, the top 15 F/I cars are selected and the top 5 N/A, 20 cars against the clock for the final, in pro the top 20 drivers are selected, due to the misfortune of a large number of pro teams this meant that all the cars in Pro for this round would, as long as they kept it out of the wall, be taking place in the final.

Club Qualifying saw some amazing performances, Kev Horsley found his Mojo posting an amazing 55.143 after a total of 9 laps, Atkins 0.544 behind him with a 55.687, Mark Biggers, complaining of a burnt out clutch managed 56.147 whilst being chased by Barrie Rycroft with a 56.262, Top N/A man Winstanley running 56.322, top stand in Martin Willox posted 56.347 after 12 laps with Sam Kerr pulling a 56.771 not his fastest lap of the day.

Shane Smith sat in 7th with his R32 GTR Skyline and a 57.084 with Simon ‘Scrapman’ Deaton only a fraction behind in 8th with a 57.092, 0.008 of a second separating those two Alex ‘Taxi’ Bruce stole 9th with 57.566 just 0.006 in front of the next N/A driver Jeff Mileham and his 57.572 lap in the TVR Tuscan.

12th place went to Russell Tweed in the Evo 8 a 57.631 got his name in the frame and a 57.638 was enough to get another stand in for Knockhill with local knowledge into the finals Russ Paton.

(Rycroft Club Challenge Car No.15)

Steve Thorpe had his hero underpants on and took his place with a 57.990 followed closely by Steven Darley in his red Impreza Wagon hitting a 58.047, not bad for a estate car with a dog guard!

Donald Watt was 14th F/I qualifier hitting an impressive 58.129 with the final F/I slot being taken by Zak Ramage with a 58.457.

The last three N/A places saw Tim Chandler third running 59.022, James McDonald in his GD427 Cobra posting a 59.572 and Paul Hughes in the DC5 taking a 1:00.268 struggling due to mapping problems.


Pro Qualifying although spaces were guaranteed at this round was an awesome spectacle, it truly was put up or shut up with pro drivers rubbing shoulders with owner drivers.

Son of Knockhill circuit owner Rory Butcher took first place in qualification with a 52.418 in the Autosportif car usually driven by Duncan Tappy and Jimmy Mcrae, like a Bat out of hell, owner driver Olly Clark took second with 52.574 which he posted on his first lap out, RSE Motorsport finally had some good fortune which saw Chris Ward running their wide bodied Evo 8 round in 52.696 closely followed by the new Zen Car piloted by GT driver Ferrier in 52.890.

(Guglielmi – Pro Car No.3)

Guglielmi was as always on serious form in the Lotus, single handedly putting myths about Lotus (Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious) to bed, driving like his hair was on fire with a 53.137, Stanley who started the day in RC car No 6 switched to car 4 usually driven by Martyn ‘Pookie Powered’ Green, and managed to put down a 54.136 in 6th place.

Local man George Orr who wiped the floor in Club last year stepped up into Pro Class and ran 54.231, marginally quicker than last year, Guy Harrington pedalled the Auto Ergonomics car around for two laps until he was black flagged with an oil issue still running a 55.111, Andy ‘Baldy’ Harvey took 9th with an impressive 55.834, another owner driver running under the Scooby Clinic banner.

Suffering with braking issues, Darren Robinson managed a 56.715 in his FD3S RX7 Mazda closely followed by another one man band Lee Broadhurst in his immaculately turned out Edgehill Motorhome Evo 9 posting a 56.860.

Behind Lee, Darran Round was having technical gremlins, 59.849 was the quickest lap before they retired after six laps, Adrian Smith plauged with problems taking unlucky 13th with 1:02.015, the final driver to post a time Bob Parker in the GBH roof chop S14 giving his all and achieving a 1:03.752.


Clouds appeared as if by magic and it looked like Knockhill would return to its former weather system, the track remained dry though and the drivers drove like no tomorrow.

Sixteen laps posted by some drivers, a real mixed bag as some chose their window of opportunity early in the session, other waited for a late chance.

Lap three was a busy one with Kev Horsley grabbing a 54.073, continuing to hammer round for another 5 laps in vain this was enough for him to take first place.

(Horsley Club Challenge Car No.2)

Barrie Rycroft waited until lap 12 his second to last lap before making his break for it, a 55.098 was good enough to take the second step on the podium, Sam Kerr driving the orange Impreza superbly managed a 55.705 in lap 13 which gave him another trip to the podium.

Shane Smith in his GTR missed out on the top three by 0.370 with a 56.075 on lap 7, Martin Willox used lap 3 to grab his best lap a 56.148 which landed him in 5th.

Man on a mission, later to go on the missing list when it came to photographs was Craig Winstanley, he laid down a 56.418 on lap 13 enough to take 6th place overall and first place in the N/A class in the FD3S Mazda, closely followed by Mark Biggers whose clutch held out to run 15 laps after all and a 56.484!

Taxi man’ Bruce took 8th with 56.710 just pipping Atkins who had some minor niggles which were enough to put him off the pace and landed him in 9th with a 56.768.

Steve Thorpe drove brilliantly all day and took a well deserved 10th place overall with a 56.872 followed by Tweed who had some off track action earlier in the day and managed to post a 57.058.

(Club Challenge – Find your space!)

The red wagon Impreza of Darley took 12th 57.221 was his best time after 12 trouble free laps, followed by ‘Scrapman’ Deaton with his 57.446.

Jeff Mileham piloted the Tuscan around with precision taking 14th overall and second place in N/A class 57.447, 0.001 second behind the Impreza of Deaton, tucked in behind Jeff, Don Watt snatched 57.742 a fraction in front of Scotsman Paton and his 57.922.

Zak Ramage brought up the rear in the F/I Class posting a 58.192 in his Impreza followed by the N/A challengers Chandler in the Porsche GT3RS and his 58.436, Hughes with a 59.642 and McDonald’s amazing 59.932 in the Cobra.


It was general concensus that the qualifying action was going to be hard to beat, but boy were we wrong!

(Parker Pro 19 – MIA for Pro Final)

Having lost two of the 14 Pro drivers, Bob Parker and Martyn Green, we were down to 12 drivers for the next 20 minutes of nail biting track action.

It was looking like hired local driver Butcher in the Autosportif car was going to take the top step of the podium as he drove the Impreza faultlessly for 13 laps and for a large amount of those laps he sat top of the tree whilst the following 6 drivers all changed spaces lap after lap.

Now chewing on fingers due to lack of nails the times grew closer and closer, Butcher had posted a blinding quick lap 52.254 after 2 laps and no matter now hard the other drivers tried it was looking like he was untouchable, then, as if someone had lit his touch paper, Olly Clark stepped up a gear, it must have been half way through the 20 minute session, he was possessed, he was electric, he was outstanding! 52.186, the spectators cheered as the announcement was made over the tannoy, Ward had already posted his quickest lap a 52.565 on his 5th lap and hadn’t got any quicker, Guglielmi was holding 4th, Ferrier gained 5th, Stanley 6th with a 52.898 a total of 0.712 seconds separating these drivers Orr driving 7th had peeked earlier on his first lap and couldn’t match his time a 53.531 was his best, Lee Broadhurst was fantastic, thundering round for 15 laps with a broken boost pipe and still managing 8th and a 56.249, ‘Baldy’ Harvey was tucked in close behind, he too had achieved a quick time early on in lap 2 a 56.577 and couldn’t match that either, Harrington still had oil issues and was black flagged after his first lap still gaining all important point though with a 1:00.081.

Adrian Smith had transmission issues in the Celica, Diffs and box gremlins hampered his times and he managed a 1:03.283 on his third lap out of four getting him nine points on the leaderboard.

The best, closest , most exciting track action to date, well done to everyone who travelled to Knockhill.

Roll on Round 3 at Silverstone June 1st.

Report: Rob Barnes / Pictures : Ed Fahey

Pro Class Winners

1st Place Olly Clark- Roger Clark Motorsport (Car No.2)
2nd Place Rory Butcher – Autosportif / TEIN (Car No.6)
3rd Place Chris Ward – RSE Motorsport (Car No.11)

Club Challenge Forced Induction Winners

1st Place Kev Horsley (Car No.2)
2nd Place Barrie Rycroft (Car No. 15)
3rd Place Sam Kerr (Car No.3)

**Image coming soon**

Club Challenge N/A Winners

1st Place Craig Winstanley (Car No. 39)
2nd Place Jeff Mileham (Car No.4)
3rd Place Tim Chandler (Car No.49)

Fastest Lap on the day regardless of session

Club Challenge 54.073 –  Kev Horsley (Car No.2)
Pro Class 52.186 – Olly Clark- Roger Clark Motorsport (Car No.2)

Mitsubishi Lancer Register fastest Evo of the day

Club Challenge 55.098 – Barrie Rycroft (Car No.15)
Pro Class 52.565 – Chris Ward – RSE Motorsport (Car No.11)

HKS Hard Charger Award

Steve Guglielmi – Guglielmi Motorsport (Car No.3) Pro Class.

Be sure to check the points table to see how your favourite team or driver are shaping up.


Japan’s top Time Attack Driver to attend Round 3 of Time Attack Series at Silverstone!

April 18, 2008

The Seibon sponsored Time Attack series continues to go form strength to strength and the latest news is bound ot excite many spectators and competitors alike!

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We are pleased to announce that Time Attack legend driver, Tarzan Yamada will be attending Round 3 of the Time Attack Series at Silverstone, June 1st ( hosted at the JTS Show ).

Yamada,( picture attached ), is the driver of the world-famous Unlimited Works-Cyber Evo in Japan as well as the hired gun driver for various and many of Japan’s Time Attack teams. He is famed for his Time Attack technique and ability to extract every ounce of performance and time from each of the cars he has previously driven.

Tarzan also participates in some Time Attack events in the USA where teams hire him to push their engineering to the limits.

Yamada’s decision to visit the UK for the very first time is based on witnessing the UK Time Attack scene first hand and to introduce his skills to the teams and drivers locally. His enthusiasm comes from seeing the 4 UK teams at Tsukuba Circuit in December and being impressed with the level of engineering making him curious to our local scene. He will attend the event with his full race gear should his services be required and is looking forward to driving at Silverstone for the first time in his career.

Yamada is also extending his services whilst he is in the UK, offering his driving service to any teams which may wish to make use of his experience in the Time Attack format.

Andy Barnes, Time Attack Series commented ‘ One of the most famous Time Attack drivers on the planet is set to invade Silverstone in his quest to feed his curiosity about Europe and to say we are pleased with his commitment to join us is an understatement’

A first for the UK industry and another milestone in Time Attack’s invasion on the aftermarket scene today. Japan is coming to the UK for the first time in history, its HUGE!

Seibon sponsored Time Attack Round 1

April 17, 2008

The Seibon (Amber Performance) sponsored Time Attack got under way recently and the first round had its winners and losers!! Please find below all the important results from Round 1 , for any information on Seibon products please visit the website here

Round 1 – Results & Report

Round 1 of the 2008 Time Attack Series got underway this weekend with the usual thrills and spills that fans and teams have come to expect.

The Full race report will follow shortly, the gallery has been updated and in the meantime, here are the podiums…

Pro Class Winners

1st Place Duncan Tappy – Autosportif/Tein (Car No.6)
2nd Place Olly Clark – Roger Clark Motorsport (Car No.2)
3rd Place Jamie Stanley – RC Developments (Car No.4)

Club Challenge Forced Induction Winners

1st Place Kev Horsley (Car No.2)
2nd Place Sam Kerr (Car No. 3)
3rd Place Mark Biggers (Car No.30)

Club Challenge N/A Winners

1st Place Paul Hughes (Car No.91)
2nd Place Tim Chandler (Car No.49)
3rd Place Jeff Mileham (Car No.4)

Fastest Lap on the day regardless of session

Club Challenge 1:18.286 – Barrie Rycroft (Car No.15)
Pro Class 1:12.758 – Duncan Tappy (Car No.6)

Mitsubishi Lancer Register fastest Evo of the day

Club Challenge 1:18.286 – Barrie Rycroft (Car No.15)
Pro Class 1:15.050 – Jamie Stanley (Car No.4)

HKS Hard Charger Award

Simon Norris – Norris Designs – Pro Class

More Japanese interest in the Seibon sponsored EDC Championship

March 18, 2008

Here is the latest news from EDC  Control , another pro driver form Japan joining the Seibon sponsored 2008 EDC Championship , this is more great news for the sport in the UK and the crowds going to see the events are sure to be in for some thrills!!

For more information on Seibon products please visit our site here

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a 2nd Japanese professional Drift driver to join the Championship for this year.
World famous Team Orange driver Kazuhiro Tanaka has confirmed he will contest the Championship this year using his 420bhp RWD Subaru Impreza STI (GDB model), alongside already-confirmed Kumakubo.
The additional news of Tanaka joining EDC alongside Kumakubo gives their team, Team Orange, a combined effort within the Championship to take on EDC’s finest and once again increase the level of professional Drifting. Tanaka is also seen alongside Kumakubo is various competitions, events and shows throughout the world including some in Europe therefore this latest development is more world-class news for EDC.
Tanaka’s entry into the EDC also marks his first competition outside of D1 alongside team mate Kumakubo, with both drivers continuing their D1 paths in addition to EDC.
Speaking of the announcement, EDC’s event co-ordinator Andy Barnes commented:
‘Mr Tanaka’s entry into EDC is more proof that 2008 will be one of the best yet and that we continue to attract drivers which are set on high quality performance within the confines of the best circuits available in our market. Just as 2006 Champ Kumakubo decided, Mr Tanaka’s decision to enter EDC is based on his sole intention to mix it up in Europe and drive alongside genuine driver talent which is equal to his own and we are delighted to welcome him into EDC‘
Mr Tanaka added:
‘Watch out, I’m coming to Europe !!‘

Latest EDC News – Sponsored by Seibon UK!

March 6, 2008

Following is the latest press release from EDC Control! Great news indeed , this years championship , sponsored by Seibon UK  is sure to be the most exciting ye.

For further information on Seibon products please visit Seibon UK

Press Release: We are pleased to announce that we have secured the first Japanese professional Drift driver to join the Championship and make history as the first Championship in Europe to do so.
World famous and D1GP 2006 Champion Nobushige Kumakubo has confirmed he will contest the Championship this year using his 430bhp RWD Subaru Impreza STI (GDB model).
Kumakubo is famed for his amazing high speed car control and particularly his talent in twin drift battles where his brave yet precise driving techniques are nothing short of inspiring. As a top star of Japanese D1 events as well as events in the USA, along with various appearances at shows in Europe under his belt in more recent times – his entry into EDC marks an important chapter in Drifting history.
His entry into the European Drift Championship is certain to be news the world over as his first commitment to a Championship outside of D1 – which he will also continue with in 2008.
Speaking of the announcement, EDC’s event co-ordinator Andy Barnes commented
‘ Mr Kumakubo’s entry into EDC is truly outstanding and we are overjoyed at his commitment to the Championship this year. It is our firm belief and drive to produce some of the most professionally organised and driver demanding Drift events in our market and it is this aspect which draws Mr Kumakubo to the Championship. His intention to join us from Japan is extremely welcome news and I am excited not only for our Championship but also to be able to present such exciting news to the current drivers lined up for EDC in 2008, they’ve a tough time ahead and it just got tougher! ‘
Mr Kumakubo added
‘ Since I visited Silverstone in 2005, I heard a lot of good and exiting news from EDC. So I don’t need to think too much about the reason to join EDC as a competitor. It is very simple logic, there are the best European drivers in EDC, so I will go to compete with them. Just as a one of the drivers. But also I would like to say big thank you for EDC organizer to make this happen and I believe that we can make fantastic event for spectator with usual EDC atmosphere. It will be fun, it will be good, it will be TSUISO!! ‘
For further information please visit our website:

Amber Performance, Seibon & the Time Attack Roadshow! Part 2

February 7, 2008


EDC & Time Attack have now lauched their new website and Seibon take up their position within the site as one of the Championships main sponsors for 2008.

Catch up with all the latest news on this years event , with seibon sponsor news , championship results , driver profiles , competing cars etc etc.

Keep an eye throughout the season as we will to see how the Seibon sponsored cars are competing  , we have products on several ED & Time Attack cars this year and expect the numbers to grow throughout the coming season.

Good luck to all the competitors!

Checkout the EDC & Time Attack site here and the full Seibon range of products here

Amber Performance, Seibon & the Time Attack Roadshow!

January 21, 2008

In case you were not aware Seibon UK (part of Amber Performance) is one of this years major sponsors for the 2008 Time Attack and EDC Championship. We anticipate bringing you lots of exciting news of the racing , the cars , the stars and the products behind them durign the course of 2008.


Please find attached pictures from the ‘Time Attack’ stand and the live arena of the UK’s ( Europe’s ) premier motoring show, ”Autosport International”. The pictures were taken by staff as an indication to our show activity, sorry for the poor quality at this time.

The event was held for 4 days as usual with the worlds motorsport industry in attendance in all shapes and sizes.

Presented were, a Time Attack Series and EDC stand throughout all 4 days of the show to demonstrate the professionalism of the events and cars to the motorsport trade and public and to publically announce the full calendar for 2008.

As well as promotional and information items about the events and sponsors, the stand consisted of the Garage Whifbitz RX7 Time Attack car as well as

2007 EDC Champion Brett Castles Nissan S14, with both cars attracting huge attention throughout the course of the show.

In addition to the stand also presented were 5 Time Attack cars in the show’s ”Live Action Arena” which is where various forms of motorsport are displayed (including F1/WRC/FIA GT cars and drivers) to a paying crowd of thousands. This gave a fantastic opportunity to show the might and power of the cars along with accurate commentary to explain why Time Attack is different from racing and how vibrant the aftermarket is in presenting this form of motorsport. The cars in the arena were : Scared Stiff’s Lotus Elise, RC Developments Evo 6, J’s Racing Honda DC5, Nadine Geary’s Dodge Viper and the MA Developments Evo 6 of Kev Atkins.

The show was a huge success, although it was also attended in 2007, this years display greeted with far more warmth as the market finally recognises drifting and Time Attack, the professional and promotional offerings they have and how they stimulate the aftermarket and now the racing scene as a whole within Europe.

The stand and vehicles carried the new 2008 sponsor liveries (Seibon included) as seen in the pictures as well as a display of Toyo’s tyres which are eligible for the Time Attack Series. To mark the occasion Toyo also made a special one-off tyre which was grooved with the Time Attack logo, this tyre attracted a lot of attention from curious people, prompting further questions about the tyres and the Series which was fantastic.

Next week the promotion continues as the roadshow travel to Spain to present a live demonstration of drifting at the MotorShowFestival in Zaragosa ( There will be 4 EDC cars in attendance at this show, travelling by race-truck which attracts a genuine 110,000 visitors over 3 days.

Seibon UK are proud to be involved in this fantastic new sport which has growing attendances and is expected to see continued support and growth through 2008. To see the products many of the race cars are using from Seibon UK please visit the Seibon UK or Amber Performance websites. Any questions are welcomed , all parts are suitable for road cars as well as race giving you the perfect chance to replicate what you see in the racing fro your road car! How many other motorpsort series give you this unique opportunity!

Price Blitz

January 18, 2008

Amber Performance are pleased to announce that we are cutting our Blitz performance parts prices massively, in line with recent amendments from Japan .

Blitz currently offer a huge range of performance tuning parts for all the popular japasese models including Impreza, Skyline, Supra, Evo 1-9 and many more.

Blitz have been established for 25 years and have become one of the leading tuners in Japan due to the fine detail and superior workmanship of their products. Not only do Blitz parts look stylish and sleek, but they are constantly refined to maximise the power output from your engine. So, if you want the highest quality, but also the best performing parts, fit Blitz.

The Blitz product range is engineered to a very high standard, so you can feel confident when fitting any Blitz part that it has been carefully designed and extensively tested to give you maximum performance and reliability.


Visit our websie for the latest pricing and products listings here you will find Blitz products in many of the menu options such as Air Filters , Alloy Wheels , Electronic Tuning , Exhaust Systems etc.

Ford RS

January 18, 2008

Hi you may know already that Amber Performance are not just specialists in the japanese side of the performance tuning parts market but are also specialists for the ford rs models including rs cosworth, rs turbo, and other popular models.

We deal with all types of upgrades with many years of experience from engine mods to suspension and even standard replacement service items and genuine parts. If you have a ford rs model why not come visit us or alternatively visit our website or find us on the front pages of fast ford magazine.

Check the our range @ or call us on 0845 260 0015



Braking News

January 17, 2008


Amber performance have spent some time now working closely with various manufacturers of high performance brakes and are proud to present our newest arrival Rotora

Rotora is a major aftermarket manufacturer of high performance brake systems and components including racing calipers, brake discs, and pads ranging from Original Equipment aftermarket replacement parts to racing and high performance upgrades.

We found what interested us the most was the huge selection of full brake kits available ranging from 2-piston kits for Honda’s all the way up to 12-piston kits for the Hummers, with front and rear kits available for most cars these brakes are stopping press.



If you have any questions, please do let us know via

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