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Amber Performance, Seibon & the Time Attack Roadshow!

January 21, 2008

In case you were not aware Seibon UK (part of Amber Performance) is one of this years major sponsors for the 2008 Time Attack and EDC Championship. We anticipate bringing you lots of exciting news of the racing , the cars , the stars and the products behind them durign the course of 2008.


Please find attached pictures from the ‘Time Attack’ stand and the live arena of the UK’s ( Europe’s ) premier motoring show, ”Autosport International”. The pictures were taken by staff as an indication to our show activity, sorry for the poor quality at this time.

The event was held for 4 days as usual with the worlds motorsport industry in attendance in all shapes and sizes.

Presented were, a Time Attack Series and EDC stand throughout all 4 days of the show to demonstrate the professionalism of the events and cars to the motorsport trade and public and to publically announce the full calendar for 2008.

As well as promotional and information items about the events and sponsors, the stand consisted of the Garage Whifbitz RX7 Time Attack car as well as

2007 EDC Champion Brett Castles Nissan S14, with both cars attracting huge attention throughout the course of the show.

In addition to the stand also presented were 5 Time Attack cars in the show’s ”Live Action Arena” which is where various forms of motorsport are displayed (including F1/WRC/FIA GT cars and drivers) to a paying crowd of thousands. This gave a fantastic opportunity to show the might and power of the cars along with accurate commentary to explain why Time Attack is different from racing and how vibrant the aftermarket is in presenting this form of motorsport. The cars in the arena were : Scared Stiff’s Lotus Elise, RC Developments Evo 6, J’s Racing Honda DC5, Nadine Geary’s Dodge Viper and the MA Developments Evo 6 of Kev Atkins.

The show was a huge success, although it was also attended in 2007, this years display greeted with far more warmth as the market finally recognises drifting and Time Attack, the professional and promotional offerings they have and how they stimulate the aftermarket and now the racing scene as a whole within Europe.

The stand and vehicles carried the new 2008 sponsor liveries (Seibon included) as seen in the pictures as well as a display of Toyo’s tyres which are eligible for the Time Attack Series. To mark the occasion Toyo also made a special one-off tyre which was grooved with the Time Attack logo, this tyre attracted a lot of attention from curious people, prompting further questions about the tyres and the Series which was fantastic.

Next week the promotion continues as the roadshow travel to Spain to present a live demonstration of drifting at the MotorShowFestival in Zaragosa ( There will be 4 EDC cars in attendance at this show, travelling by race-truck which attracts a genuine 110,000 visitors over 3 days.

Seibon UK are proud to be involved in this fantastic new sport which has growing attendances and is expected to see continued support and growth through 2008. To see the products many of the race cars are using from Seibon UK please visit the Seibon UK or Amber Performance websites. Any questions are welcomed , all parts are suitable for road cars as well as race giving you the perfect chance to replicate what you see in the racing fro your road car! How many other motorpsort series give you this unique opportunity!


Price Blitz

January 18, 2008

Amber Performance are pleased to announce that we are cutting our Blitz performance parts prices massively, in line with recent amendments from Japan .

Blitz currently offer a huge range of performance tuning parts for all the popular japasese models including Impreza, Skyline, Supra, Evo 1-9 and many more.

Blitz have been established for 25 years and have become one of the leading tuners in Japan due to the fine detail and superior workmanship of their products. Not only do Blitz parts look stylish and sleek, but they are constantly refined to maximise the power output from your engine. So, if you want the highest quality, but also the best performing parts, fit Blitz.

The Blitz product range is engineered to a very high standard, so you can feel confident when fitting any Blitz part that it has been carefully designed and extensively tested to give you maximum performance and reliability.


Visit our websie for the latest pricing and products listings here you will find Blitz products in many of the menu options such as Air Filters , Alloy Wheels , Electronic Tuning , Exhaust Systems etc.

Ford RS

January 18, 2008

Hi you may know already that Amber Performance are not just specialists in the japanese side of the performance tuning parts market but are also specialists for the ford rs models including rs cosworth, rs turbo, and other popular models.

We deal with all types of upgrades with many years of experience from engine mods to suspension and even standard replacement service items and genuine parts. If you have a ford rs model why not come visit us or alternatively visit our website or find us on the front pages of fast ford magazine.

Check the our range @ or call us on 0845 260 0015



Braking News

January 17, 2008


Amber performance have spent some time now working closely with various manufacturers of high performance brakes and are proud to present our newest arrival Rotora

Rotora is a major aftermarket manufacturer of high performance brake systems and components including racing calipers, brake discs, and pads ranging from Original Equipment aftermarket replacement parts to racing and high performance upgrades.

We found what interested us the most was the huge selection of full brake kits available ranging from 2-piston kits for Honda’s all the way up to 12-piston kits for the Hummers, with front and rear kits available for most cars these brakes are stopping press.



If you have any questions, please do let us know via

Check the rest of our range @

HKS Titanium Rear Silencer – Limited Edition

January 17, 2008

Amber Performance have received a limited number titanium universal back boxes which are now available to order. Please see the pictures below. The unit comes with the accessory pack pictured meaning that there is no need to weld directly to the titanium. Simply weld the stainless bracket which clips to the back box using the included springs and then attach the back box support bracket to your vehicle. The box is 130mm in diameter with a 95mm tip. Overall length is approx 650mm. The box weighs just 2.1kg and the accessories weigh just 700g meaning the whole setup is under 3kg in weight. These limited edition back boxes retail at £195+VAT each and we have only 24 units available. (part number G65432-K00070-00) 

If you have any questions, please do let us know via

Check the rest of our range @


Seibon Coloured Carbon

January 17, 2008

image2.jpgAs you may be aware Amber Performance are the UK & European distributors for Seibon carbon fibre products.

Just a  quick update to advise that Seibon  are currently developing a range of  coloured weave carbon fibre products that will be available in the very near future (some items are already available to order on popular models) in the meantime here is a quick snippet of what you can expect. A Mitsubishi Evo bonnet with a gold weave to give you an idea of what they will look like.

For further information please use our contact us via

Alternatively view the Seibon products on our website here

HKS Euro car products!!

January 16, 2008

Dear all,

Amber Performance can now supply all the new euro car products from HKS!

HKS now produce a small but very high quality range of products for a few UK/European cars.We are especially excited about the Golf MKV and Mini Cooper S parts most of which we are planning to stock.Other parts in the pipeline for these two cars include turbo upgrades, intercoolers and hopefully Fcon.

If you are interested in any of the products please contact us on the link below 

To view our complete product range then please go to the link below   


What Wheels?

January 16, 2008

Another expansion during 2007 saw our quality wheel range increase further to include some of the worlds best brands , of course we all drive a wide range of vehicles and our range for the budget market still impresses with the likes of Wolfrace , Fox Racing & Inovit offering great value for money , but we have excelled ourselves at the top end of the market , now being able to offer products from market leader such as Racing Hart , Garson , HRE , EvoX , Trafficstar ,Riverside & most recently Aicona, visit our wheels selection whatever your car , there are some stunning choices! We have supplied wheels to some of the top marques currently in production and have many images if you want to see how the 20’s will look on your Vanquish or the 24’s on your SUV.

Please follow this link to the wheels section , finance is available on virtaully all wheel and tyre applications!

January 16, 2008
Onwards & upwards!Following the recent policay changes at Clydesdale Financial Services and their decision to only maintain their larger accounts , leaving many a small business in the lurch for consumer credit facilities , Amber Performance are pleased to announce that they have swiftly replaced Clydesdale with able2buy and in doing so believe we have further improved the service we can offer to our customers in this sector.

With an impressive range of products avialable , specifically designed for the customer of smaller , specialist businesses as ours between Amber Performance and able2buy we can now offer a wide range of suitable consumer credit products over varying terms with buy now pay later , interest free and interest bearing options.

For any product or multiple product purchase of £750.00 or greater where credit is a preferred payment method please get in touch , applications can be processed quickly with our automated system and an answer is often provided within minutes. If your needs are less than £750.00 let us know we will see what we can do here also. A fully automated self application service will be offered in due course , you wont even need to speak to us!!

For our website home page visit , should you wish to complete any purchase from our site using our finance facilities please get in touch.

Amber Performance & Seibon at SEMA 2007

January 11, 2008

Amber Performance once again made their annual pilgrimage to the SEMA show held at the Convention Center, Las Vegas in the US in October / November 2007. This year with the now cemented distribution arrangement between the two businesses in place as of July / August 2007 their was heightened anticipation of the meetings to take place and discussions for the coming years trading! The show was as good as ever and Seibons stand typically one of the leading exhibitions at the event from an independant business.

Displaying some awesome show cars as always and having one of their biggest displays ever , this year it was the exhibits showcasing the new Dry Carbon products and the coloured carbon weave that drew all the attention , no detail was missed and the queues were enormous for the daily giveaway of Seibon backpacks , surely one of the best promo gifts at the whole event! A resounding success that Amber Performance equally enjoyed , expect to see scaled down displays at some of 2008 shows here in the UK with display cars , products and giveaway gifts to enhance the already growing brand awareness on these shores! With the potential of a full product display as per SEMA at Autosport International in 2009!!

For more product information and ordering please visit or