Amber Performance, Seibon & the Time Attack Roadshow!

In case you were not aware Seibon UK (part of Amber Performance) is one of this years major sponsors for the 2008 Time Attack and EDC Championship. We anticipate bringing you lots of exciting news of the racing , the cars , the stars and the products behind them durign the course of 2008.


Please find attached pictures from the ‘Time Attack’ stand and the live arena of the UK’s ( Europe’s ) premier motoring show, ”Autosport International”. The pictures were taken by staff as an indication to our show activity, sorry for the poor quality at this time.

The event was held for 4 days as usual with the worlds motorsport industry in attendance in all shapes and sizes.

Presented were, a Time Attack Series and EDC stand throughout all 4 days of the show to demonstrate the professionalism of the events and cars to the motorsport trade and public and to publically announce the full calendar for 2008.

As well as promotional and information items about the events and sponsors, the stand consisted of the Garage Whifbitz RX7 Time Attack car as well as

2007 EDC Champion Brett Castles Nissan S14, with both cars attracting huge attention throughout the course of the show.

In addition to the stand also presented were 5 Time Attack cars in the show’s ”Live Action Arena” which is where various forms of motorsport are displayed (including F1/WRC/FIA GT cars and drivers) to a paying crowd of thousands. This gave a fantastic opportunity to show the might and power of the cars along with accurate commentary to explain why Time Attack is different from racing and how vibrant the aftermarket is in presenting this form of motorsport. The cars in the arena were : Scared Stiff’s Lotus Elise, RC Developments Evo 6, J’s Racing Honda DC5, Nadine Geary’s Dodge Viper and the MA Developments Evo 6 of Kev Atkins.

The show was a huge success, although it was also attended in 2007, this years display greeted with far more warmth as the market finally recognises drifting and Time Attack, the professional and promotional offerings they have and how they stimulate the aftermarket and now the racing scene as a whole within Europe.

The stand and vehicles carried the new 2008 sponsor liveries (Seibon included) as seen in the pictures as well as a display of Toyo’s tyres which are eligible for the Time Attack Series. To mark the occasion Toyo also made a special one-off tyre which was grooved with the Time Attack logo, this tyre attracted a lot of attention from curious people, prompting further questions about the tyres and the Series which was fantastic.

Next week the promotion continues as the roadshow travel to Spain to present a live demonstration of drifting at the MotorShowFestival in Zaragosa ( There will be 4 EDC cars in attendance at this show, travelling by race-truck which attracts a genuine 110,000 visitors over 3 days.

Seibon UK are proud to be involved in this fantastic new sport which has growing attendances and is expected to see continued support and growth through 2008. To see the products many of the race cars are using from Seibon UK please visit the Seibon UK or Amber Performance websites. Any questions are welcomed , all parts are suitable for road cars as well as race giving you the perfect chance to replicate what you see in the racing fro your road car! How many other motorpsort series give you this unique opportunity!


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